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Delray Beach Electricians

We are a fully licensed and insured electrical contractor serving Delray Beach.

We offer residential electrical services for any project on your home. Anything that’s electrical in your home, we have the tools and experience to either fix it or replace it and get you back to full power.

A few of our specialties are lighting installation, wiring switches and outlets, remodels and additions, commercial projects, and electrical repairs.

Changing out lighting fixtures can add bright light to any room and add instant value to your home. Let us come out and give your home a new look. Ceiling fans are another common install we do. As simply as it may seem, you should let a licensed electrician handle the installation of any new fixture in your home to make sure it is installed to the correct building codes.

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Here is a sample of the residential projects we offer:

Ceiling Fans

Adding a fan serves a few other purposes than just keeping a room cool in the summer. They can also cut down on your energy costs by allowing you to run the fan instead of having the A/C units on all day. Fans use a fraction of the energy that traditional HVAC systems do, so it’s an economical idea to have fans in every room possible.

They also help circulate air in the winter time. Since warm air rises, it’s easy to lose heat in the cold months, which can quickly raise your electric bill. Running your ceiling fan in reverse is a smart way to keep the warm air from accumulating in the ceiling and upper floors of your home. .

Recessed Lighting

One great way to add elegance and warmth to your living spaces or anywhere you spend a lot of time is to incorporate recessed lights. Kitchens are a popular choice for recessed lighting, as they give amazing light without bulky fixtures that are hard to justify.

Appliance Installation

Installing appliances can be a simple process, but if you have any that require direct wiring or even need to have a higher voltage outlet to operate, you should call us right away to discuss your options.

Display Lighting

Track and spot lights add direct lighting to any area in your home that you want to highlight. Whether it’s your trophy case, gallery wall, or even giving soft lighting to a bar top, track lighting is a great added feature for any home.

Smart Home Technology

With the rise of smart technology, it’s easier than ever to control your home’s electronics with your phone or even with simple voice commands. Let us walk you through some of these cutting edge advancements and show you how your home can be at the forefront of modern technology. It’s truly amazing what these systems are capable of!

Kitchen lighting

Kitchens are one of those places that could always use more light. If you’re thinking about adding under-cabinet lights, LED, or even incorporating smart lights into your kitchen, let us do the dirty work. We have years of experience with all type sof kitchen lighting solutions.

Outdoor Lighting

Adding lights to the exterior of your home can enhance curb appeal, highlight those details of your home that can often be overlooked and just give it a more elegant look overall. Adding lighting to walkways, around patios and pool decks, or even creating an entertaining space in the backyard are all just a phone call away.

So when you have residential electrical work and you want the best electrician in Delray Beach, give us a call. Our technicians are ready and waiting to take care of all your needs.