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There are so many electrical components that make up your home’s electrical system. With age, any of these components can fail and cause widespread problem through the rest of the home.

If you are considering a remodel or addition for your home, it would be a good idea to consider upgrading your home wiring and electrical circuits. During a remodel, walls and ceilings are often stripped of drywall which exposes electrical systems. Let us come out and inspect your wiring and circuits so we can determine of you are a good candidate for an upgrade.

No remodeling project is complete without taking a thorough look at your electrical systems. It’s also a great time to consider adding unique features to your new space, such as new lighting fixtures, smart home features, whole house surge protection, or even installing a generator for standby power in case of an emergency.

When you choose Boca RAton Electrical Contractors for your remodeling job, we will work closely with your contractor to make sure no detail is overlooked. We take pride in the work we do and strive to do the job 100% the first time. Our professional electrician Boca Raton can go and do an estimate in person taking all precautions for you and our staff.

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When considering a home remodel or addition, here are just a few areas to consider:

Number of outlets outlets

One of the main problems we see in many homes is simply a lack of adequate receptacles. Whether you need more outlets or just need some to be relocated, this is one of those small jobs that makes such a huge difference.

Some cases where additional outlets would be needed are a home office, rooms with electronic equipment and video game systems, workout spaces with heavy equipment or multiple machines, kitchens with multiple small appliances.

Instead of searching for a power strip every time you want to plug something in, let us fix the problem and give you more dedicated outlets so you can rest assured you’re being safe and avoiding fire hazards.

GFI outlets

Ground Fault Interrupters are the outlets with the lights and the reset button built in. They are designed to shut off power in case of contact with water. Typically installed in kitchens and bathrooms, these are a must have in every home to avoid potentially fatal accidents. Older homes may not have these GFI outlets in water prone locations, so you should definitely consider adding them if you don’t already have them.

Adding these outlets is a simple task for our electricians Boca Raton, but will give you added peace of mind, especially with kids in the house. And depending on where you live, your county building codes may require they be installed on any new construction in your home.

Electrical Wiring Upgrade

Upgrading your home’s wiring can be a big task, but in some cases, especially restoration or remodel of very old homes, it is a necessity. Not only will upgraded wiring make your home safer, it will increase the resale value if you decide to sell your home.

If you have a remodel or addition planned anywhere in Boca Raton, FL area, give us a call and we’ll discuss your plans and goals. We’d love to be a part of your dream renovation, simply type electrician near me.